Dannie says when he started singing gospel music, it was simply because of his love of music.  He
began going to rehearsals with the group Glory Road back in 1979.  He wasn't even attending
church, much less a forgiven child of God.  But the men of the group and their wives were
praying for him everyday.  Little did Dannie know that while he was working on the music, God
was working on his heart.  He has now been singing Gospel music for over 40 years.   It all began
with Glory Road, then he joined the Kingdom Seekers.  He then joined the men of Faithful in
1997 as one of the founding members.  

Dannie thanks God daily for his lovely wife Susie.  They were married in 1997.  He is an ordained
Deacon, and he and Susie are members of New Hope Baptist Church in Pinehurst, TX.   Dannie
is a scientific glassblower, with many customers across the country that keep him busy.  In their
spare time, Dannie and Susie enjoy camping, fishing and playing cards with friends whenever they
Our Bass, Dannie Bates