Michael Wilkinson hails from Spring, Texas where he enjoys life with his wife of 40 years, Jeanie.  His day
job is as a graphic artist and he has been followed in that profession by his son, Dylan.  His daughter,
Michelle and son in law, Dustin reside in nearby Bellville, Texas where they are raising his pride and joy of a
grandson, Logan.

Never having even thought about singing in his younger years, after giving his life to Jesus in the mid 80’s,
Michael was conjoled into singing in the church choir and quickly discovered a love for singing.  His first
exposure to southern gospel quartet music came from listening to the groups on KJOJ-FM radio in Conroe,
TX.  Never having listened to that kind of music before becoming a Christian, he developed a fondness for
that form of gospel music and  message and a love of hearing the harmonies.

As life went on and the family grew, they moved around to different churches.  Each time the Lord led
Michael to the music ministry where he committed himself to the praise teams and sang in the choirs.  He
thanks the Lord for bringing people into his life over the years that have helped him and continue to help
develop his singing skills.  

He is honored to be serving his Lord Jesus and spreading the gospel through music with the fine men of God
known as “Faithful”.
Our Tenor, Michael Wilkinson