About the Ministry of the Faithful  Quartet
The ministry was formed over 28 years ago.  Over the years, several members have come and gone, but the  message has always remained the same.  
We love to share the good news of God's love and forgiveness when ever the opportunity presents itself.  

Dannie Bates, our Bass singer, has sung with Faithful since 1997, and is one of our founding members.
Our Lead vocalist, Damon Harvey, joined the group in 2006 and jumped at the opportunity to worship with these fine men of God.   
Michael Wilkinson, our Tenor, joined us in 2018.  He is doing a fine job hitting those high notes!
David Rose has rejoined the men of Faithful singing our baritone part.  We are so glad to have him back with the group
as he was one of the original founding members so many years ago.  
"Our goal is to go wherever God leads us, and spread the message
of his love and forgiveness through our music."  

Thanks for visiting with us, and learning a little more about our ministry.  
We hope to see you out on the road.  May God bless you and keep you safe in his arms.