Our Music
Recorded on October 8th, 2010
Good Old Southern Gospel music and ministry that you're sure to love and recognize!  The men
of Faithful sing 22 of your gospel favorites and bring the message of God's love and forgiveness.  
Listen closely and you might just find a new favorite as well!

  1. Use Us Jesus     2.  So Much God     3.  He'd Still Been God     4.  Ol Buddha     5.  This Old House
6.  Sweet Beulah Land     7.  He Touched Me     8.  Amazing Grace     9.  The Lighthouse
10.  Damascus Road     11.  God Is Good     12.  Step Into The Water     13.  Come On Down To The Farm
14.  He Made A Change     15.  I Can Sing Amazing Grace     16.  Trying To Get A Glimpse
17.  Where Could I Go     18.  A Pile Of Crowns     19.  When God Ran
20.  It Is Finished     21.  The Cross Was His Own     22.  I John Saw
Purchase both for $30.00 & save $5.00

Purchase both for $30.00 & save $5.00
Live DVD
Recorded at FBC Willis, TX
October 8, 2010
The DVD's are $20.00 each
We recorded our latest CD, Faithful "Live! on Sunday, March 1st, 2020!    
It is a two disc set and has 20 of our favorite Southern Gospel songs.  We also offer a USB drive with the songs, or an option to download them
directly to your own computer.  They are $20.00 + S&H for the 2 discs or USB, or $15 for the download.  
Click on the paypal link below.  You can also pick one up at any of our live performances!
Faithful Quartet
Faithful Quartet
Previously Recorded Concerts
Faithful Live 2020
2 CD set
Faithful Live 2020
USB Drive
Faithful Live 2020
The 2 CD's are $15.00